Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Applesauce Muffins

I have been meaning to write a post, actually several posts for quite some time now. I'm hoping in the next few day I can write several and get caught up. Child II has another allergy appointment tomorrow with more testing. I have a long list of questions and concerns. Hopefully the doctor will take me seriously. Last time we were there he refused to believe that Child II actually was allergic to so many foods. But experimentation along with accidents have proven otherwise since our last visit.

Still very new at this I try to keep a running list of child II's allergies in my head, but sometimes I miss one. Last week was one of those times. Child II had not physically tasted or tried oranges before, nor did I remember him being tested for them. So I experimented with a Gerber Baby Food: Banana & Orange Medley. He vomited every time he had some. Although sadly I didn't recognize it as an allergy sign, I thought he was sick with something else. Sure enough when I spoke with the allergy office about his next appointment and mentioned I wanted him tested for oranges they confirmed that he had already been tested, and yes, Child II is very allergic to oranges. To say the least I felt like an awful Mommy that day.

Yesterday Child I asked if we could make "cupcakes." He thinks anything with a cupcake liner is a cupcake. Little did he know we were making GF Applesauce Muffins found on
The muffins do have eggs and soy, but no gluten, nuts, or dairy. Child I LOVES them. Honestly I think they're okay, and definitely tolerable with powdered sugar on top, but I'd love to find a better recipe both boys can eat.

Child II ate about 9 "cupcakes" yesterday, stealing one or two every chance he got. I didn't mind because he's such a picky eater. Whenever I can get him to eat, I let him eat all he wants. But on one occasion mid afternoon, while I was in the living room, Child I decided he was going to share one of his "cupcakes" with Child II. Child I called for me from the kitchen. As I walked through the play area and dining area I could smell vomit. All I saw were pieces of wrapper and crumbs on the floor. I had no clue how much muffin Child I gave Child II. Not to mention I had no clue how much Child II ate. But there he was sitting in a puddle of vomit. His clothes were drenched with it too.

I cleaned up what I could quickly, grabbed the Benedryl, and then called the doctor. Poor Child I didn't know what was going on. He thought he was being a great big brother by sharing his snack. I, on the other hand was really rattled by it all. This was the first experience where I hadn't given Child II the food he reacted to. It was the first time I realized how VERY hard this whole allergy thing is going to be. Some of it is completely out of my control.

Once things had settled down I talked very calmly and lovingly to my 2 1/2 year old little boy. I explained in as many was as I knew how that only Mommy and Daddy can give Child II food to eat. "Cupcakes" are yummy for Child I, but they make Child II very sick. Honestly in the end I think he actually understood. Today while eating his "cupcake" he reminded me that Child II couldn't have one because he would get sick.

Though Child II's reaction to the Applesauce Muffins was a negative experience. Child I and I always have fun making his "cupcakes." And now I have someone else who has become very protective of his little brother, just like Mommy. I think that will be a big help, even if he is just 2 1/2.

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  1. I think it's great he understood. You did a good job.