Thursday, January 27, 2011

Web Based Support

Our support group has been going for 4 months now. Attendance is sporadic. The main reason being the distance between those who want to come and the actual place the meetings are held. We know many people with special dietary needs, and come in contact with more and more every day. Yet, they all tend to live at least 30 minutes away if not more.

I had an epiphany today about how to make our Fun Without Food Support efforts more successful. It's time for web based support! Each month I will make it a priority to post a support post full of information, comfort, ideas, and more about specific topics parents of children with special needs diets encounter. If readers would like to hear about specific topics please leave a comment and tell us!

We will still continue our efforts in expanding our local support group. Meetings will continue to be scheduled and held in hopes that we can reach more people. Activities will continue as they are one of our main priorities. It is important to provide family fun without the worries. We welcome anyone and everyone to attend the Valentine's dance coming up in February.

Besides one support post once a month, I will post recipes I have found, celebration and holiday ideas, personal experiences, recommendations, and sometimes just random thoughts and stories. I welcome all comments and feedback. We are looking for blog followers to help make our efforts a success. This blog is not just about allergies, but about every type of special dietary need. We don't want to leave anyone out!

Each month we will showcase a specific dietary need. It is my hope that we can start reaching families, not just in our county or state, but across the United States and beyond!

Wish us luck!

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