Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Allergy Friendly Halloween Festivities

Halloween is coming soon and I am FINALLY ready to celebrate the holiday with lots of fun allergy friendly festivities including crafts, treats, activities, and more. All crafts and activities are centered around my 2 1/2 year old Owen. Here are the final plans:

A Halloween Treat a Week

3. Chex Muddy Buddies/Sunbutter Puppy Chow

4. Pumpkin Decorated Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes (I have to make some adjustments to the recipe.

Halloween Crafts

1. Decorate House

4. Paint Pumpkins (rather than carve)

7. Halloween Cards

9. Decorate Halloween Cupcakes

10. Decorate Halloween Bag

Special Activities

1. Visit to Pumpkin Patch

2. Halloween Movie Night

3. Library Toddler Time Halloween Party

4. Family Halloween Party

5. Halloween Night Trick or Treating

Other Snack Possibilities

Hope you enjoy! Specifics about our Allergy Friendly Halloween Night are coming soon!

For recipes and crafts, click on craft for link. All pictures come from websites where recipes were found.

Note about post: For some reason the links to the crafts don't work. You can find most of the crafts at http://www.dltk-holidays.com/. I believe there may be one craft that I found at http://www.familyfun.com/. Just search under their Halloween or Autumn sections. Sorry about that!


  1. I can't get the link to pull the crafts up.

  2. I'm not sure why the links aren't working but most you can find at www.dltk-holidays.com. Just click on the Halloween link and lots of crafts for all ages will show up. You can find the ones I selected from there.

    They may have been one I found at www.familyfun.com, under their Halloween or Autumn section. Hope this helps!

  3. Next time we chat - you tell me what you do for links and we'll see if there's a bug in the way you do it.

    I MUST know how to make homemade candy corn, it is one of my VERY favorite candies.

    You are the queen of planning in advance, I can plan - but not so far in advance. You're going to have a great holiday season!

    luvs, aby

  4. You are making me crave sweets at 10:46 at night!! And I'm SO STEALING some of your ideas....hopefully anyway