Friday, September 18, 2009

Allergy Friendly Thanksgiving Festivities

Here are the final plans for our month long Thanksgiving Celebration. Unfortunately there will be no trip to Virginia. It's so funny, just as we make plans, something or many things always seem to come up. Oh well. We'll still be doing lots of fun things!

Thanksgiving Treats
1. Food Allergy Friendly Pumpkin
2. Allergy Friendly Pumpkin Cookies (same as used in Halloween post)
3. Sweet Turkey Treats with some
4. Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Thanksgiving Activities
1. Charity Donations (Getting rid of ALL the stuff in the house that we don't need!)
2. Football Party & Game
3. Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Crafts
1. Thanksgiving Tree
2. Pumpkin Candle
3. Boy Pilgrim Doorknob
4. Cornucopia Paper
5. Finger Print Turkey
6. Thanksgiving Cards
7. Leaf Place
8. Leaf Rubbing Place

My apologies. I could not get links to work again. Who knows why, hopefully the problem will be fixed soon. Meanwhile I'll just label where I get every idea. Hope this helps! We'll definitely be having fun with food allergies in November. Details about food for the football party and Thanksgiving dinner and dessert to come in a later post!


  1. I've heard of Thanksgiving trees before and really like the idea, we may have to do it too. And I may be right there along with you on the charity donations as well - that's if I don't have a garage sale yet again!

    luvs, aby

  2. Sounds like fun!!! And of course I like the idea of the football game and party!! I LOVE when we play football or catch with the football on my birthday and on Thanksgiving...